YOON Teambuilding Activities
YOON Teambuilding Activities
Discovery Week offers your students a diverse range of experience from community service, cultural exchange with local community to fisherman's life and cycling round Pangkor Island.

Contributing their efforts in community service

Throughout the world, there are vast numbers of children who are orphaned or neglected, and in need of love, care and affection. This activity provides your students an opportunity to make a different to children who would otherwise have little or mental stimulation in their lives. Most people are often unaware of the impact they can have on another person's life, with even the smallest gesture. Spending as little as one day working with orphans, you can have a positive impact on the lives of underprivileged children. The work you do can be challenging at times but the strength and resilience of the children will inspire you to persevere.
In the orphanage, you may be working with children of different ages. You may spend an afternoon helping the children with their homework upon their return from school. You could help organize a variety of activities such as sports and games, songs, camp craft, or even mopping and window cleaning. Or possibly take the children to the beach for the day. Or you may guide them to experience jungle trekking, obstacles course and ropes course and assist them to develop stimulating new ideas to interest young children in learning. Any encouragement you can offer goes a long way towards building an orphan's self esteem and self confidence.
Beach Cleaning

It is very important to care about our environment because our health directly depends on the health of our environment. Keeping the environment clean should not be the sole responsibility of the maid, mum or dad or the local authority. Unfortunately there are people who do not care about preserving the environment and turn places and beaches into an eyesore.

With that in mind, this program always include a beach clean-up activity. It is one of the best way to developing children awareness of healthy environment.
Bicycle Ride touring Pangkor Island

It is a great way to explore the Island with an occasional stopping by the beaches, enjoy the gentle sea breeze and the sound of breaking waves . You may visit the satay fish factory, marvel at how fishing boats are build and have a look at some of the other commercial activities around.
Life of a Fisherman

An early start, going onboard seine boat to witness how anchovies are caught in the sea will fill you wih excitement and enjoy the thrill of the day in the life of a fisherman. In the event, a small buoy holds one end of the net in a steady position, while the seine boat encircles the fish, making what is known as set". A powerful winch on the seine boat deck then draws in the purse line, pulling the bottom of the net into a huge, closed purse, catching the fish and preventing their escape.
A large powerful drum then reels the net in close to the seiner where the fish are scooped into the boat. The anchovy is a good food source for almost every predatory fish in its environment. It is also extremely important to marine mammals and birds. They are also a good source of calcium to us human. Dry anchovies are suitable for making soup, fried or cooked with sambals.
Fisherman in Pangkor process the anchovies on board the vessel to keep its freshness. They dry and sort the fish according to the size and species. Anchovies supply are on the decline due to a host of problem. Among them are overfishing, stock mismanagement and climate changes. Studies have indicated that climate change affects the production of zooplankton, which forms the base of the of the food chain, and this in turn affects the seasonal migration pattern of anchovies.

YOON Teambuilding Activities